When you train with Fraser Strain, the owner of North American Paintless Dent Repair, you learn PDR the “old fashioned” way. The same way most of the best and the brightest in the paintless dent removal business today have learned. By doing PDR under the guidance and with training from a highly-skilled and experienced professional. Fraser started out working for a large dent repair company before starting his own successful business and has over 20 years of experience in paintless dent repair. His business, located in the beautiful Adirondack region of New York, retains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

This training is for individuals who are serious about learning PDR and aren’t interested in “fillers” that take you away from hands-on learning. There are no slick videos for you to sit and watch, and no “online training.” No meaningless “certifications” from a PDR training mill.

When you go to get a job or start your own business, only one thing matters: whether or not you are a skilled PDR technician. Call (518) 769-5004 to get started.

Paintless Dent Repair Training with Fraser Strain

Why Learn PDR?

If you’ve found your way to this page and are reading this, chances are you are already interested in learning PDR and have thought about the benefits of learning paintless dent repair.

  • Steady work – cars will always get dents
  • Mobility – your skills are needed across the U.S.
  • Freedom – you can be your own boss (if you want to)
  • Time – it doesn’t take years to learn
  • Value – learning PDR won’t leave you with a mountain of debt
  • You get to do what you’re good at – PDR technicians like to work with their hands and like working with cars
The Benefits of Learning PDR One-On-One

Personal PDR training is the best way to learn because each student has a different learning curve and different challenges to overcome on the road to mastering paintless dent repair. Not all students learn at the same pace or in the same way, which is why the best PDR training is not based on a set, one-size-fits-all-paced curriculum or a group setting.

Learning PDR is not easy and the only real way to learn is through hands-on experience. Fraser Strain understands this and will be at your side to guide you and work with you on your specific challenges as you gain the skills and develop the habits that are critical to quality paintless dent repair.

Another important difference between one-on-one PDR training and group or classroom training is reputation. Organizations that train large numbers of technicians every year can afford to have students that slip through the cracks and don’t quite get all the training they need to get a job. With selective, one-on-one training, your success is both important to Fraser and critical to Fraser’s success as a trainer.

Hands-On PDR Training – What You’ll Learn

Our basic PDR training is an immersive two-week course. During your time working one-on-one with Fraser, your PDR training will include:

  • The fundamentals of PDR. How to repair door dings, vertical and horizontal creases, and hail damage
  • How to use basic PDR tools
  • Taking down headliners
  • Training your eyes to see dents, highs and lows, where and how to place your tools for dent repair, and wet sanding
  • Using LED lights to find and repair dents. Working outside and using reflector boards. There is a big difference between working outside and a controlled environment. This is crucial if you plan to have a mobile dent repair business.
  • How and when to glue pull.
  • How to finish dents. If you want to be thought of as a professional and build your business, your repair must have a clean finish. Practice makes perfect
  • Side panels: How to deal with air bags and hard to reach places
  • How to build your business. Writing estimates and closing the sale

Remember, help is just a phone call away, at (518) 769-5004 . If you have any questions after your training is complete, Fraser is happy to help. Your success is his, as well.

Advanced PDR training. Getting good at PDR is about learning the skills

The Advanced PDR Training is custom tailored; a program specifically developed to meet your needs. Fraser will have a conversation with you before you arrive to talk about what you want to learn. When you arrive, Fraser will assess your skill level. Then he will map out the training for the week. To learn advanced techniques, you will have to have basic PDR skills at a level that is appropriate to the skill you want to learn.

Cost of Training at North American PDR

Learning the art of Paintless Dent Repair takes time and dedication, but it doesn’t need to break the bank. You will find the cost for our introductory course to be competitive.


  • Two weeks intensive training on the basics of paintless dent repair – $5,000


  • One week personalized training designed specifically to meet your needs – $2,500
Free Lodging

Our students are typically on a tight budget and we understand that. As mentioned up front, we don’t up the price of your training to include hotel accommodations. We leave where you stay – and how much you want to spend – up to you.

While it is far from fancy, we do offer students free lodging in a comfortable mobile home that sleeps two. This allows students to bring their spouse and spend their free time enjoying the many activities, amenities, and the natural beauty that Lake George and the Adirondacks have to offer in their time away from training.

Are you ready to start? Call (518) 769-5004.

Are you ready to start?